Thursday, October 8, 2009


feeling terribly guilty for munching on a choco cookie today
i can feel my pants getting abit tight on my waist
this can only mean one thing: I AM GETTING FAT
my battle with my weight is seriously a yoyo
New goal: workout twice a day for just 20 minutes
40 minutes for me is way tooo long at one time
i wonder if i can get up around 5:50 and work out for 20 minutes, take a shower
oh yeah, new goal: for bfast eat fruits or smoothie as bfast
no more sandwiches except once in a while and that is just one slice
i think those sandwich bfast is contributing to my weight
should buy those bullet mixer and make myself a fruit smoothie
yesssss that is a good idea
for lunch well i always get free foods so that is ok but seriously gotta avoid staring at its dessert counter which is next to the cashier register aigoo
swallow and resist the temptation
today was unable to do that and one bad news made me go running for a double choco vegan cookie with macadamian nuts
cost: 2.75 but sooooo good
i still have those fig newton double choco cookie bag sitting in my kitchen
i have to be strong
and for dinner: a bowl of rice with korean side dishes fried fish, etc etc
bf refuses to eat anything that is healthy and bland and no taste good
which is a problem for me to even think about steaming veggies, fish or boiled chicken
bf will not touch his plate sigh
atleast we switched from white rice to brown rice.....but rice still abd for dinner
starting today: eating half a bowl of rice
and eat enough to be full but not well fed happy
then run for 20 minutes in teh gym around 8:00 PM
shower and study until 10:00 PM

tomorrow morning:
wake up 5:50 AM
set coffee pot
go run for 20 minutes (so be done around 6:20)
bfast food tomorrow: yogurt

goal: do this on daily basis--lose weight until i hit 115 pounds and can feel good about myself again

need to get a pair of aviator glasses and a haircut
hair refuses to grow
thinking to get bangs but ricky refuses to give me bangs...stubborn hairstylist

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