Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Korean Moms and their Korean Sons

Remember I promised you more stories as I deal with a Korean mom and a KOrean son?
Well here you go
I swear with my experience with Korean Moms i can write a hilarious movie
maybe i will win an oscar? first korean american screen writer? yes, gom gae gom gae ^_^

Now that we have moved out of the mother's apt, but still relatively close to her she still comes over
bf like an idiot gives her a copy of the key so she goes in and out whenever
whatever i wouldnt care but she seems to criticize everything around the house
i dont think she is ever happy or able to llleeeeettttt things gooo...chill out man or in this case ajumma

Personally i dont really care how others set their house i think it is interesting to see what others put in their homes...everyone has his or her own idosyncrcies no?
nevertheless, she complains about how she doesnt understand why i have a turntable on my counter? why i put the bananas with the bag still on on the counter?
she calls me everyday almost (lately not so much thank u god for answering my prayers) to wonder if i have food in teh house and what i plan to cook--passive agressive--her point in asking is to see if i plan to cook or not for her son and keep him a healthy little asian boy
as the poor boy (as if he is the only one) is suffering from stress from work
believe me, this woman doesnt care whether i eat or not
i wouldnt why the hell would i care if my son's gf or brother's gf eats on a daily basis...human nature: if we are hungry we will find something to eat
bf gets upset when i explain it this way and goes i dont like when u talk like that about my mother
and stop adding words to my mother's mouth when that is not exactly she said
if we live upon just the outer layer of meanings, wouldnt life be simple? but koreans arent like that, we koreans love to drip our voices in condescending voices and say things that translate as polite or nice statements but have vicious meanings behind

oh yeah, when she comes over she loves to dig through our fridge--she complains about how we dont eat the food she puts in there or she puts in food there hidden all the way in teh back of the fridge without telling us and i find it weeks later spoiled
yes--my fridge is like playing treasure hunt except the treasure is rotten food

the mother thinks she is adorable and the best
she doesnt understand other mothers who try to avoid doing house work
she is the only one in her generation being the epitome of a "GOOD" house wife and cook
and she loves to learn she has a thirst for studying unlike other korean ajummas who spend their time gossiping and hanging out with other mothers.....
i sometimes wonder if this is her way of covering up how akward she is thus is unable to socialize with others=no friends

dont get me wrong, korean ajummas as friends--> hard to do but she really doesnt have anyone

she thinks she has a piano hand/arm rather a tennis hand/arm
she laughs as if this is soo cute
um, ajumma you are 52 years old...cute no longer works past the age 25
be as koreans say cool ha gae hae

this woman is fat and thinks I am fatter but realizes I wear clothes smaller than she and she then measures my height and goes ohhhh you much taller than me....NO DUH?!! (head tilted)
the answer to this equation: I am not fat, you the bf mom is fat but that is forgivable afterall she is a mom--hehehe guilty laughter---she wears mommy jeans that sags in teh back but she loves to straighten back and walk straight--prides herself for having good posture hehehehehehe
but the mommy jeans make me crack up hehehehehehehehe

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