Monday, October 5, 2009

Not sure why I do this to myself

So i have been dating a korean korean boy
when we lived together, things were great
however, when the lease of our apt came to an end, bf decided it would be a great idea to live with his mother since she was all alone (father is in korea working)
plus his mother thought this would be a great idea-not only does she get some company, but also she can "take care" him and keep an eye as he gets stressed from his job on a daily basis
Bf asks if i want to join him at his mother's apt
At first, I was against it but when the boy goes on asking, "Do you not love me?" with puppy eyes, the guilt starts pouring in and I submitted
So this is how I ended up living with his mother
Since his mother lives so far away from the city, waking up at 6 was already hard enough and working from 7 until 5:00/:30 was exhausting and another 40 minute ride on bus/ferry
By the time i stepped foot into that apartment, she wanted me to help her out
I agree living there for free no rent i had to help out
I dont mind setting the table and washing the dishes
HOwever, THIS was not enough for her
She started to complain about how I wasnt helping her enough
such as in cooking and cleaning the house on the weekend
She could not understand why I was so tired....She says when she was young, she went to work everyday like us and yet came back home and would make kimichi and peel garlic and cook her own meals at home
she was like maybe it is our environment or the food that we consume and constantly feeling tired
maybe the current generation do not have good/organic food thus we always feel tired
Then she asks me if I want some hwan-yak (korean ginger ginseng energizing drink)
Bf at first sided with me but him knowing didnt help
the first time around, he gave his mother the silent treatment--how does that reflect on me?
the second time-he goes you gotta make your keep since you are living here for free
the third time-the silent treatment
Everytime i was not home, she seemed to complain about how we never helped her out, etc
Btw this woman does not work
When she complained about how inconsiderate we were about hogging the computer at night (which her son used for work) I went out and bought a router for 135 dollars and set it up so that the house had wireless internet (took me 2 hours to set up-i set this up on my mother's jaesal day)
afterwards, I had noticed she barely touched the computer--she "needs" to browse the internet because her wealth is tied up online--during the day she hates using the internet as she sees it a waste of time for her and makes her easily distracted--dont ask
on another day, i had flown back home because my uncle is battling cancer--she felt that this was the perfect time to complain about me behind my back to her son--she called me lazy, etc etc-bf refused to let me in on the details--end result: bf storms out of the house
2 weeks later--I went out to study at a coffee shop, she asks bf to vacuum the house
bf at the time is busy goes ok i will let me finish this first
the mother slams something and says,"GAE JAH SHIK" (literal translation: children of dog-> horrible insult anything dog related in korean is like saying F--- you)
BF gets upset to hear that and storms out
He tells me this and when his mother returns from temple (apparently buddhism isnt helping her calm her temper or whatever issues she has) we stay in teh room
she comes in storms into the room and says angrily to me (not the bf): HOW DARE YOU NOT GREET ME WHEN I COME HOME? Full confrontation
knowing what had happened earlier, how can i greet her? She goes on a rampage how we treat her horribly and how we should not live our lives that way
and how she is staying in America because of her son--if her husband in korea cheats, that will be the last straw for her etc etc
This has happened a month ago so forgive me if the details are a bit fuzzy
however my feeling of anger has not yet subsided
I feel her behavior was irrational and completely uncalled for
one more thing, while i was there she wanted me to wake up early on Saturday and make bfast for all of them....after waking up at 6 AM for the last five days and going to work
the father isnt any better
He comes back from KOrea to visit for a week
He expected me home by 5 and help his wife out in the kitchen afterall he dislikes seeing his wife be tired
One of the days i show up at 5:30 because i had some work to get done
he is pouting, barely recognizes me or greets me when I come back
I see the mother in the kitchen cooking
husband in teh room using the internet
the frustration I felt that day cannot be described to this day
I have much more to say but fingers are too tired from typing
but all this happened the last month or so.....more to come about my crazy experiences with korean mom as I date her Korean son

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