Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today, our pieces of furniture is getting delivered
since the boy and i work during the day and his mother lives around the area, we asked her to be in the house around 10-12 since is the delivery time
she calls the store and tells them to deliver at a later time and decides to head over to the store
she wants to check it out again and see it for herself
btw, she goes this is a secret dont tell my son what i am doing
ummmmmmmmmmm ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my frustration from having a calm quiet morning at work goes up to 100 like those cartoon therometers ready to explode at the top
however i am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and see what happens later
i am going to laugh my ass off if she screws up or doesnt get that bookshelf in today since bf was anticipating that and have them argue as usual

she then asks me if i plan to go to korea, i say no
she goes arent your auntie and uncle in korea
i am like yesss but they may have to re-enter the states so in that case i have no place to stay
she goes well bf dad wanted to meet your auntie and uncle and introduce you to bf aunt
he thinks that this is not how it should be--hard to translate literally but meaning culturally if you have been dating this long, it is appropriate for you to spend 1,200 dollars and go to korea for 5 days to meet each other family members (btw we are not yet engaged--no ring on my finger yet)
plus bf dad is worried that your bf may be bored
um yes, i am fully aware of this BUT COME ON....unless you pay for my ticket i dont see why i have to go to korea
i am soo thankful i am not going now.....auntie may have been right, his father was not going to let me rest there and enjoy my vacay since i gotta uphold the korean traditions

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